10 Workout Tips For Any Bride!

January 09, 2014

We had so many brides who come to us and loose a a significant amount of weight throughout our design process. Therefore, we have come up with a variety of tips that will help anyone loose weight effectively and efficiently. 


1. This is the time to cut out unnecessary calories such a sodas, alcohol, and junk foods! It's those extra calories that can add up and make you crave more sugar!

2. Do not skip breakfast! The worst thing you can do to your metabolism is skipping breakfast. Those who do eat breakfast will consume more vitamins and minerals. Also, most importantly those who do eat breakfast eat less fat throughout the day! 

3. Try to workout in the morning (even if you are not a morning person). This will get your metabolism running and will keep burning calories throughout the day. 

4. Drink lots of water! This will not only help your metabolism, but it will make your skin have that glow. Remember, staying hydrated is the key to great skin.

5. Complex carbs and whole grains are important! Do not be afraid of complex carbs because they do in fact increase your metabolism! Be sure to stay away from multi-grains! 

6. Eat more smaller meals. When you eat smaller meals throughout the day, your metabolism doesn't have a chance to take a "break". 

7. It's not about the pounds! Remember, pounds can only mean so much because you will be loosing fat, but gaining muscle. Therefore, it's all about how your clothes fit! 

8. Try to have juices or smoothies in between meals. This is a great way to consume more vitamins and antioxidants. Also, it will help prevent you from snacking! 

9. Tone it Up: We are big fans of this program! They offer free recipes, workouts, and tips for anyone trying to loose some weight and get healthy! Yes, we said free! Not to mention, they have a bride workout session as well! 

10. Stay positive! We cannot stress how important it is to stay positive and to have realistic goals! Remember, extremely hard goals can be easily broken! 




Share some of your fitness tips with us!

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