10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes!

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We have many brides who grow out their hair before the big day! I mean who doesn't want long, shiny, and gorgeous locks?! You should pay close attention to this post because it's all about how you should treat your strands! Ironically, how you wash, dry, and even style your hair can really affect it's appearance. 

Do not make these mistakes:


1. Do No Brush Wet Hair: This is a big no no! It will not only make your hair break, but your hair is the weakest when it's wet. Give it a brush before before you shower or us a comb with conditioner to detangle it. 


2. Brush Your Ends: Your scalp has so many natural oils (which is one of the best conditioners), therefore, us your brush to stimulate circulation and hair growth. However, only brush your ends because over brushing can cause more damage to your hair. 


3. Do No Wash Every Day: Washing your hair every day can strip your scalp's oils, which can leave it lifeless! Therefore, try to wash your hair when needed and let dry shampoo's be your best friend! Here is one of our favorites!


4. Condition Sparingly: If you condition your hair too much then it can lead to breakage. Try to leave a deep condition for once a week and condition your hair whenever needed. 


5. Towel Drying: Be careful to not over "towel dry" your hair because it can lead to breakage, dull, and even roughen the cuticle! Only bloat your hair!


6. Hair Serums: If you are going to use heat to style your hair then be sure to use a serum to protect your hair! 


7. Do Not Heat With Damp Hair: Only use hair tools (with heat) on dry hair! NEVER ONE DAMP HAIR! 


8. Hairspray: ONLY hairspray your locks after you finish using any heat tool! Hairspray contains alcohol and it burns immediately to heat. 


9. Teasing: We all know you love having big Texas hair, but if you tease a lot it can damage the cuticle and lead to breakage. Try to use root lifting sprays and blow dry your hair to get that volume! 


10. Split Ends: You can fix split ends. The fix is only a haircut. Also, if you want to minimize your split ends then put your favorite serum on your ends! 

Red Paisleys
Red Paisleys


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