10 Tricks To Get Rid Of Dark Circles!

March 06, 2014


Nothing is more frustrating than having dark circles! We know that even sometimes a copious amount of concealer still cannot cover them up. Therefore, we have 10 tips on how to get rid of dark circles: 

1. Diet: If you have excessive puffiness under your eyes then it could be you are dehydrated. Therefore, you really need to watch your salt and alcohol intake. Both of these items can cause excessive bloating as well. 


2. Don't Rub: Remember, your eyes are extremely delicate so if you rub them a lot it can cause skin discoloration. If you are constantly rubbing your eyes then it may be worth going to your eye doctor! 


3. Pillows: When you lay completely flat it can build fluid within your eyes. Try to use another pillow to help drain the fluids. 


4. Sunscreen: Be sure to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 daily on your face and especially around your eyes. The sun can cause some discoloration as well so be sure to protect them from those harmful UVB and UVA rays. 


5. Ring Finger: Whenever you apply any eye product or concealer be sure to only use your ring finger! It is the weakest finger from the group and will use less friction. 


6. Tea Bags:  Brew yourself a cup of tea and put those tea bags into a fridge for 10 minutes. The caffeine will eliminate puffiness and reduce swelling. 


7. Retinoid Cream: Did you know this cream can help discoloration and fine lines? It will even boost collagen and your skin will look brighter and more youthful. 


8. Neti Pot: Fluid and puffiness can occur from a cold or flu. Therefore, using a neti pot will help drain that fluid out.


9. Makeup Remover: We all know it's really bad for your skin to leave your makeup on at night. This can clog your pores and create dark circles! If you leave your makeup on all night it can irritate your eyes and even cause more fluid build up! 


10. Frozen Spoons: If you suffer from puffiness then dip two spoons in water and freeze them overnight. Take them out from the freezer and apply the round side on your eyes in the morning before you apply on your makeup. 

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