Mendhi Party Essentials!

July 10, 2014

Today, we've got the top 3 tips on what you should wear to ANY mendhi or henna party!

"Henna is an important aspect of warding off the evil eye in Islamic and Jewish traditions. The more henna and intricate the patterns on a bride's hands and feet, the harder it is for the evil eye to find its way to a bride's forehead."-The Big Fat Indian Wedding

In the past, henna parties were for women only, but times have changed! We've seen so many of our own brides have large henna parties. Typically, the night will consist of: women getting henna done, dinner will be served, and then guests will dance the night away.

Here are our tips:


1. Sleeveless or short sleeved-This tip is purely meant for those getting henna done! It makes it so much easier to get your henna done without the risk of getting your clothes stained!


2. Bright Colors-Bright colors are highly encouraged to any henna party. Like this anarkali! 


3. Jewelry-Keep it light! We suggest wearing either a tikka and earrings or just a necklace with simple earrings! 

We love these teal pearl earrings! 



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